10 Tips for Internet Marketing

  • Know What You’re Purpose is

To be truly successful at anything you do in life, you need to have a real purpose of what you’re doing and Internet marketing is no different. In Internet marketing a clear purpose of what you’re trying to accomplish is important because it keeps you focus on actually trying to accomplish the goals you have set in mind. Without a real purpose you’ll be clueless on knowing what needs to get done.

  • Have Good Content

Lets face it, our attention spans are now shorter than ever before, so having content that is boring to read and fails to keeps the consumers attention will not help. The content on an internet marketing campaigns needs to keep hold of the readers attention throughout or at least to the important part.

It’s important to know who you’re going up against so you know what to expect from them. Doing research on your competition, gives you the ability to see what’s working for them and model that but not copy directly. More importantly, knowing your competition gives you the ability to learn from their mistakes.

  • Use Social Media

It’s a no brainier that the use of social media is vitally important in Internet marketing. Simply having a website for your business isn’t enough to be successful anymore, you need to market on social media platforms. One of the best things about marketing on social media is, it lets you see your target market up close and personal, so you can almost be in the lives of your consumers.


  • Use Analytics

Analytics provide an incredible amount of useful data you’re able to measure and see what’s happening as well as areas of improvement. Some of the data’s includes amount of website visitors and where they’re coming from, how long they spend on your page, and some of the things they do on your site.

  • Invest in Keywords

Jimmy Chan of carbon8.com compares investing in keywords as investing in real estate, which is on of the best analogies I’ve heard to stress to importance of using SEO. Chan says, imagine having a store on a high traffic city block. The store would be highly prized as it accumulates constant traffic, new visitors, and more sales opportunities. That store is your keyword and investing in the proper keywords can bring in similar rewards.

  • Blogging

Maintaining a blog for your business helps in increasing the SEO on your website, it also sets you apart from your competition as it demonstrates an expertise and knowledge on your product.


  • Use Videos

No one wants to waste time reading anymore when they can watch a video. Nowadays videoare very effective in communicating with consumers, especially when they’re actually entertaining videos.

  • Post Regularly

After creating a social media page, you can’t just stop there and hope for the best, you need to post regularly. Posting regularly increases your visibility and keeps your brand fresh in the minds of consumers.

  • Engage Your Fans

Social media gives you the ability to interact with potential and current customers, so you need to capitalize on this. Consumers want to feel like you care about them and being engage online shows that you do care.


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