The EPL’s Most Boring Team, But How’s Their Website?

Lets be honest, Norwich City is probably one of the most boring if not the most boring team in the EPL. After recently slipping into the relegation zone, if Norwich were to get relegated no one would really care because every time they’re in the EPL, they usually get relegated but somehow make their way back into the league. Norwich City getting promoted to back into the EPL is like a WNBA team winning the Championship, no one cares. But is their website design just as boring as the team? Lets find out.

Some of the basic principles of having a good website design includes having a clear purpose, something that caters to the needs of the website users and gives them what they’re looking for. Communication is another important principle of web design, websites need to be easy to read and digest. Using headlines and sub headlines and using shorter sentences are some effective ways to improve the communication aspects of web design. The use of images are another principle that can improve a websites design significantly. Pictures say a thousand words and picking the right image improves the quality of a website. Videos and graphics can are also good at communicating messages and nowadays videos are even better than well written pieces.

So now, lets see if Norwich’s website is just as boring as they are.


No .com Domain Name

They first thing I notice when I opened up the Norwich website was the fact that they don’t have a .com domain name. There is a whole industry dedicated to the real estate of .com names, because of how important they are to a websites success. According to, 75% of domain names are .com, making it the most visible domain in a keyword search by far. Norwich uses a, if they want to be less boring and have people outside of Norwich, England actually care about who they are then maybe starting with a .com domain won’t be such a bad idea.

No Banners

If you look along the sides as well as across the top or bottom of their website, you won’t find a single ad, which is a bit rare of an EPL club not to have. Norwich’s site is set up in cubes and the only ad on their page is found  in one of the smaller cubes, Norwich either really hates ads and don’t want to make any Money or businesses think Norwich’s website is just too boring to waste their money on.

norw pi.png

Nothing Exciting

There is really nothing to get excited about on Norwich’s website, it’s exactly like what you would expect it to look like. They have a couple of stories about recent activities that have been going on with the club just the title of these articles really aren’t exciting enough to actually read them. I was happy to see that they had videos on their homepage but they were all “goals of the month videos”. For a team that is possibly about to get relegated, I don’t think I’ll waste my time watching their “goals of the month”videos. Maybe having training videos or video of things that go around behind the scenes would be a tad more interesting.


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