EPL: The EmailMarketing Premier League

With 3 games left in the EPL, the race for the Champions League spots are getting tighter each week, but what if the Champions League spots were determined by the top 4 teams with the best email campaign? Will your team qualify?

Email Marketing has been a very reliable tool used in Marketing throughout the last couple of years.  The use of email has now been an integral part of our everyday lives with over 3.2 billion email accounts created and 95% of online consumers with an email. The four basic steps needed to have a successful email campaign includes gathering customer data, deriving customer insights, evaluating their response and suggesting proactive actions.


The first step, gathering customer data includes getting the customers contact info, home address and or email address. It could also include the customers purchase history, and all types of offers they wish to receive, as well as their preference for receiving it. Today we’ll be deciding the 4 Champions League spots based on how well each team tries to gather consumer data by evaluating how effective thief website are at getting fans to sign up for their emails. Drum roll please…

4. Tottenham Hotspur

On the Tottenham website, “MYSPURS” is clearly promoted to get their fans to sign up for their email service. They included the benefits of signing up, which includes stuff like unlimited access to SpursTV and live match commentary. The only thing Tottenham does wrong in my opinion, is the fact that after signing up, their website takes you directly to their ticketing page. Tottenham are like the guys that take girls out to nice dates and try to go inside their home after dropping them off. Like whoaaa slow down there Tottenham I’m not trying to buy tickets just yet, I just signed up for “MYSPURS” now you want me to get tickets already? I still love you guys but stop rushing into things.

3. Chelsea

Chelsea would kill to be in 3rd place right now in real life, but that’s not happening anytime soon. I was really impressed with how well and organized their website is and how they clearly make the sign up for communications easy to spot. I also like how they offer a free and a paid account for their fans to choose from, filled with different benefits that would get their fans wanting to sign up for their emails. Now if only they were this good on the field this season.


2. Manchester United

The Red Devils are another team that would do anything to be in the Champions League spots right now. Being England’s most successful team over the years, sitting in 5th place currently isn’t ideal for a team of their standards. However, they’re doing a good job at gathering their fans info, to aide their email campaigns. The email sign up process was pretty well done but the most impressing part of the process being the different newsletter options so you know exactly what your’re getting in your email before you even get it.

1. Arsenal

Being a Tottenham fan, you can only imagine how hard it was for me to even visit the Arsenal home page, but I had to and I was shockingly impressed. They make it very easy to spot their sign up button on their page. They also did a good job at telling you exactly what you’re signing up for with different sign up options and benefits. After signing up, I also received a nice welcome email that summed up everything I had signed up for and it welcomed me into the Arsenal family. A family I don’t want to be a part of but had to.




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