3 Reasons why the EPL is Highly Valuable

To be successful, every business needs a clear value proposition. This helps businesses convince consumers why they should value their brand higher than their competitors. In order to have an effective value proposition, it’s important for businesses to define their target audience, be aware of their competition and define the needs met by their products. These are all things the English Premier League has done to aid their success, making them the world’s most successful soccer league. But what exactly has the EPL done to have consumers value them higher than the likes of La Liga, Budesliga, and the Seria A?


The style of soccer played in the EPL is just way more entertaining, it’s highly physical and played at a higher tempo. They incorporate a lot of traditional values in the EPL that are based on setting up faster attacks with fewer touches on the ball. Let’s be honest, soccer is a pretty boring sport to watch because a lot of times the tempo just isn’t fast enough. Even though we love watching the more pass oriented La Liga teams pass the ball like a million times back and forth before attempting to score, watching this for 90 minutes will get boring pretty fast. The style of soccer played in the Seria A is what everyone that doesn’t like soccer think soccer is. Super slow with very few goals being scored. That’s because the Seria A is filled with a bunch of 35 year-old players that are too old to play. And the Bundesliga is just a “wanna be” EPL.


APTOPIX Britain Soccer Premier League
Chelsea’s Eden Hazard, left,, celebrates with Nemanja Matic after scoring the opening goal during the English Premier League soccer match between Chelsea and Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge stadium in London, Sunday, May 3, 2015. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Global Impact

The global impact of the EPL has played a critical role in its success. This season there are over 65 different nationalities represented in the EPL as compared to the Bundesliga’s 55, Seria A’s 51, and La Liga’s 50. The high number of foreigners in the EPL gives it a competitive edge as its able to reach soccer fans from all over the globe.

Sky 3D Football
CARDIFF, WALES – JANUARY 31: Football fans in Cardiff watch the worlds first live 3D TV football match between Arsenal and Manchester United broadcast by Sky ahead of its full 3D channel launch in April. (Photo by Alan Crowhurst/ Getty Images)


EPL fans love predicting how the table will end after each season but everyone is usually horribly wrong with their predictions. At the start of the season I had Manchester City winning the league with Leicester City finishing second from bottom. Instead, Leicester is currently leading the league by 5 points with 4 games to go and Man City is sitting in 3rd place. Every EPL season is filled with surprises no one expected, making it more valuable than leagues like La Liga where either Barcelona or Real Madrid are predicted to win every season and usually do. Over the last 20 seasons, Barcelona and Real Madrid have won 15 of them, teams that finish in 3rd place are pretty much regarded as champions now because everyone knows who’s finishing in the top 2. In the Budesliga, Bayern alone has won 12 out of the last 20 season and the only thing not predictable about the Seria A is what team will get relegated for not paying their taxes.



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