EPL Teams Killing it on Social Media

We’re all aware of the significant impact social media has on marketing in today’s world. Having a big social media presence is critical to the success of any industry and the English Premier League is no different. According to Forbes.com, 5 out the top 14 sports teams in the world that are most popular on social media are in the EPL. This number is more than any other league on the list, with the NBA having 3 teams on the list while LA Liga and Serie A each have two teams, and League 1 and Bundesliga both have 1 team on the list. Surprisingly, not a single NFL team made it on the list, possibly due to their season being shorter. But why are EPL teams so successful on social media?

tableSource: forbes.com

Much of the success of teams in the EPL have come from implementing a strong social media strategy. Although the EPL teams are still ways away from Barcelona and Real Madrid of La Liga on their social media popularity, EPL teams are still doing a good job of Listening, Communicating, Engaging, and Collaborating with their fans. The four essential elements to have a strong social media presence. Here is an example of Arsenal being engaging on social media.


Being one of the richest clubs in the league and going 12 years without winning the league is completely unacceptable to Arsenal fans and they often let out their frustration on Twitter, lashing out their players for not producing better performances. They amount of times Arsenal fans have lashed out at vice-captain Per Mertasacker on his speed and agility is hilarious. Recently after an embarrassing 2-1 loss to Watford in the FA Cup were tweeting things like:




Arsenal are very much aware of their fans frustrations and last year they responded brilliantly by creating a video of their players reading mean tweets and proving them wrong. This approach showed Arsenal’s Listening, Communicating, Engaging, and Collaborating strategy on social media perfectly in a comical manner which was even better. This strategy is constantly being used around the EPL, outlining its dominance on social media as compared to other sports leagues.


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